Permanent Eyeliner

Look and feel your best 24/7

The eyes are the most compelling part of the face, enhance the shape of your eyes with a permanent upper and/or lower eye line. Whether you are after something natural to simply define your eyes or a more dramatic look, permanent make up is the perfect solution.

This procedure is ideal for:

  • Making your eyes look more expressive.
  • Darkening and emphasizing the lash line.
  • Improving the appearance of droopy eyes.
  • Finds it difficult to apply
    make up due to poor
    eyesight or unsteady hands
Permanent eyeliner tattooing

The Process

We start your treatment with a consultation to find out your individual needs (a consultation is included in the price of the procedure, or if you are only booking a consultation then this is $60 and later deductible). We then go over the many designs, colours and shapes available, plus your underlying skin tone to determine the final colour.

Choose from lash line enhancement, eyeliner, and designer eyeliner.

You’ll be able to discuss these options with your therapist during the consultation and we will advise on the best technique to achieve your desired look. All eyeliner procedures are not considered finished until your second session (perfecting procedure) is complete.

Before booking an appointment please visit our FAQ page and read our before and aftercare guidelines

Permanent Eyeliner Price List

Elite Artist

Miranda Hill

Advanced Artist

Sarah Kim
Charmaine Rutherford

For more info on treatments please visit our FAQ page

Upper Eyeliner – Visible

This procedure is the next step up from an upper lash line enhancement and is our most popular eyeliner procedure. This is where we perform a lash enhancement in the base of the lashes but then also implant pigment onto the eyelid (1-2mm approximately) so it creates a thicker line.

This is more appropriate for those who apply eyeliner everyday, this will mean the client no longer needs to apply it daily and will give them the look of perfectly applied eyeliner. We always choose to taper our eyeliners for a more polished look, working from first lash to last lash. You will still need to apply mascara or tint your lashes to help the liner look its best!

Upper Eyeliner – Visible 1st Session (Elite)1 HR 45 MINS$550
Upper Eyeliner – Visible 1st Session (Advanced)2 HRS$425
Upper Eyeliner – Visible 2nd Session1 HR$150
Upper Eyeliner – Visible Colour Boost 12-18 months1 HR 15 MIN$300
Upper Eyeliner – Visible Colour Boost 18-30 months1 HR 30 MINS$350

Lower Lash Line

Please refer to the description of ‘Upper Lash Line’. This technique can be applied to the upper or lower lash line, however please note a lower lash line contains fewer eyelashes, hence the result will be a finer line.

We begin the procedure always at the last lash (outer corner of the eye) but it depends on a clients wishes and eye shape to whether we tattoo the full length to the first lash (inner corner of the eye) or taper the eyeliner a little sooner and stop at 3/4.

Lower Lash Line 1st Session (Elite)1 HR 15 MINS$400
Lower Lash Line 1st Session (Advanced)1 HR 30 MINS$300
Lower Lash Line 2nd Session45 MINS$150
Lower Lash Line Colour Boost 12- 18 months1 HR$250
Lower Lash Line Colour Boost 18- 30 months1 HR 15 MIN$300

Dual Eyeliner

This is two procedures in one session where we perform a natural upper lash line and lower lash line enhancement. There is the option to go thicker with the top line upon your request is to the upper eyeliner – visible. Most clients do prefer having a cohesive look with both upper and lower eyeliner procedures, however it does depend on the individuals preference and eye shape to what we recommend.

Please note that during this procedure we do not tattoo the outer corner of your eye (to connect the upper eyeliner to the lower eyeliner) due to the risk of migration.

Dual Lash Line Eyeliner 1st Session (Elite)2 HRS 15 MINS$830
Dual Lash Line Eyeliner 1st Session (Advanced)3 HRS$650
Dual Eyeliner (Visible Upper, Lashline Lower) 1st Session (Elite)2 HRS 30 MINS$880
Dual Eyeliner (Visible Upper, Lashline Lower 1st Session (Advanced)3 HRS$700
Dual Lash Line/Eyeliner 2nd Session1 HR 15 MINS$300
Dual Eyeliner Colour Boost 12 – 181 HR 45 MINS$500
Dual Eyeliner Colour Boost 18 – 302 HRS$600

Upper Eyeliner – Designer

This procedure is the notch further than the visible eyeliner procedure, where the eyeliner may be thicker, slightly tattooed onto the wetline (mucosal) or with a extension of the eyeliner in a flick formation. This is for our heavy daily make up wearers, no need for any pencilling.

We do recommend speaking to us first before booking this certain procedure online as the designer part of the eyeliner tends to outlast natural lash enhancements, meaning you will have this for a very long time before it fades out.

Upper Eyeliner – Designer 1st Session (Elite)2 HRS 30 MIN$650
Upper Eyeliner – Designer 1st Session (Advanced)3 HRS$475
Upper Eyeliner – Designer 2nd Session1 HR$150
Upper Eyeliner – Designer Colour Boost 12-18 months1 HR 30 MIN$370
Upper Eyeliner – Designer Colour Boost 18-30 months1 HR 30 MIN$420