Whether you want to enhance your facial features, recapture the youthful look of your face, or simply save time applying makeup in the morning, our team of fully trained makeup specialists are here to help you look and feel amazing! 

If you have any questions that are not covered here, please do get in touch.

Also known as micro-pigmentation and cosmetic tattooing, permanent makeup is an advanced form of tattooing in which medical grade pigments are infused into the dermal layer of the skin using pre sterilised needles in order to create a shadow of colour that mimics perfectly applied make-up in soft natural tones of colour.

We use fantastic topical numbing products to ensure the treatment is as pain free as possible, with most clients experiencing very little discomfort.

Both the eyeliner and lip procedure are numbed prior to the treatment commencing, however the eyebrows are very lightly marked out without any prior numbing initially due to achieving a perfect pre drawn shape (most clients say the pain is 3/10 so totally bearable).

Once the procedure begins further anaesthetic is applied as you numb within seconds when applied to broken skin. Near the end of the all our treatments the area will begin to feel tender which is totally normal.

During eyebrow procedures often clients drift to sleep, and compare the fact that tweezing feels worse than the tattooing itself.

Except for beauty spots individual procedures cost between $420 and $930 for specific pricing please refer to our ‘Pricing’ page. An initial consultation where all your questions will be answered is available. The cost of a consultation is $60, which is deductible off your treatment price if the procedure is undertaken. All new procedures require an adjustment visit 4-8 weeks after your initial procedure, at a cost of $150 per procedure. A non-refundable deposit of $150 is required on booking. Contact us to find out how permanent makeup will benefit your specific situation.

We ask for a $150 non-refundable deposit after pencilling in your appointment, as you can understand we are marking out usually on average 2 hour time slots for your procedure. If a client doesn’t show we are not able to rebook another client in that time. We will however transfer your deposit to another time slot with 3 months if you give us 48 hours or more notice before your procedure, unless of course an emergency arrises on the day and you cannot attend. The deposit is deducted from the total price of the procedure, and this can be pain using credit card details or internet banking.

Most procedures take between ninety minutes to two hours and 30 minutes. We will advise you of the exact time it will take during your initial consultation, or if you book online (top right hand corner) it will display the time allowed.

With the correct aftercare and application permanent cosmetics last an average of two to five years, depending on various factors such as your skin type, sun exposure and skincare products and services. Light or very natural coloured hair strokes will only last one to two years. Just because your permanent cosmetics might last 5 years in your skin, it does still mean you will need a colour top up before this to maintain the ideal colour and shape.

On the day of your procedure wear your normal makeup and bring your lip or brow pencils if you want to be specific. Come as you normally present yourself to the world so we can decide on the most ideal solution for you. Advise your artist of any medical conditions and medications you think may affect your treatment i.e. blood thinners or a cold sore sufferer prior to coming in. Avoid botox and any tinting for two weeks prior to cosmetic tattooing, discontinue taking omega oils 10 days prior to treatment and avoid vigorous exercise the day of your procedure. Avoid alcohol and coffee the day before and day of the procedure – HOWEVER if you are a coffee addict do not cut out coffee completely as we find this makes the client too jittery and the overall procedure less enjoyable for you.

In short, no. We prefer you to come as natural as possible in terms of eyebrow hair growth, this is because the existing shape of your brows may (or may not) be the most ideal shape. We design your shape based on natural hair, bone structure and face shape. We will remove excess hairs (outside of the designed shape) using tweezing at the end of your appointment as this is less trauma to the skin and is free of charge, however if you do need them to be waxed due to amount of hair then there will be a small charge. We do NOT shave off your eyebrows like body tattooists shave bodies before a body tattoo.

For each procedure we have a different set of pigments to choose from (usually as soon as you walk through the door we have decided on a colour already!). We do test the colours on your skin to allow you to make a judgement call on the colour however we do ask you to be guided as the factors that come into play but not limited to are your skin type, skin undertones, your natural hair colour and even medical conditions. It does get a little more complicated when we are doing correctional procedures and ultimately we do have the final decision on the colour.

With eyeliner most people choose black as it lasts the longest but occasionally a brown or graphite will be selected. Lip colours range from natural hues to more vibrant pinks, reds and oranges, for lips there is the biggest selection to choose from but we quickly narrow it down depending on what is discussed in the prior consult. Eyebrow colours range from blondes to dark browns, please bear in mind we don’t use black in eyebrows because this is how you end up with a blue hue in your eyebrows!

We use Swiss Color pigments for nearly all of our procedures, these pigments are nickel/iron oxide FREE, also free of AZO pigments. In saying that we don’t personally think pigments containing iron oxide are necessarily bad, it depends on each brand to the quality of the pigment containing iron oxides. There are very few cases reporting reactions in the permanent make up procedure areas while undergoing an MRI from iron oxide pigments. This is one reason why we choose to use iron oxide free pigments as it is in the clients best interest.

For microblading, the tool I use is the size of a pen, with the end of the pen being a single row of needles that form a blade. This is not an electronic tool, so the pigment is implanted by dipping the blade in the pigment and gliding the tool in hair stroke like movements. You will hear a light scratching as we work through the skin.

Opposed to microblading all other procedures are performed with a machine, it is different from a body tattoo machine in shape and size. It is slightly bigger than the size of the pen as the machine is inside the tool, at the end of the tool we place our disposable pre sterilised needle modules (number and size of needles used depends on the specific procedure usually we use 1 point, 2 point and 3 point needles). We dip the needles into pigment, where the needles are oscillating up and down in micro movements at a fast frequency then place the very tip of the needle into the skin and let the machine do the work while our hand guides the direction.

Initially the colour of your treatment looks a lot darker than you expect. This is perfectly normal immediately following a treatment and usually lasts between three to five days. Unless you have specifically requested a darker colour, by the end of eight weeks your permanent cosmetics will have settled down into a soft muted colour. The treatment area may feel a little tender for a few days; swelling is minimal and usually disappears within 24 hours.

Yes! We are tattooing your skin, not your hairs. Having a eyebrow tattoo done, means you are low maintenance not NO maintenance. If you are a regular eyebrow tinter then you may notice you wont have to tint them as often now that you have background colour but you will still want to tint them. Your new eyebrows will also look their best if your natural hairs are shaped to match your tattooed shape.

In the first visit, we tend to work on the cautious side in terms of a lighter colour selection and an ever so slightly smaller shape as “less is more”. It is very hard to predict the healed results for each individual because everyone is so different from skin type through to lifestyles. After the first visit you may decide that you would like the colour to be darker, the shape to be a little thicker or there may just be a few patches of missing colour that we need to address. The second session is so important, we cannot stress it enough, your procedure is not complete until your two visits are completed.

For all procedures, we do recommend down time when you are healing. We ask you to avoid exercise for 48 hours, to allow the pigments to settle and any swelling to reduce. We don’t want to risk any pigment migration from the area by increasing your temperature and sweating. However at least after this period you will look your best whilst exercising, short term down time for long term satisfaction.