Before and Aftercare for Eyes

To ensure you achieve the best possible results from your permanent make up treatment, we recommend the following:

Before your appointment

  • Discontinue daily use of any lash growth serums at a minimum 4 weeks prior (and between sessions)
  • Avoid: any beauty treatments (tinting, lash lifting etc) 2 weeks prior
  • Discontinue taking omega oils (fish oil, evening primrose etc) 10 days prior
  • Remove any lash extensions prior (not on the same day due to the irritation caused)
  • Avoid: exercising, alcohol, caffeine and anti inflammatories the day within 24 hours of your procedure
  • Contact lens wearers: please remove before the procedure and ideally bring glasses for immediately after
  • Come to your consultation with your everyday makeup look applied

After your appointment:
Your newly applied eyeliner will look temporarily like liquid eyeliner; dark and defined. Your skin around the eyeliner can also be swollen and blotchy due to the anesthetic and trauma. This is very normal and will generally subside within 48 hours. The bigger the design, the more swelling and potential for bruising to occur.

It also isn’t uncommon for your eyes to appear irritated straight after. You must avoid touching/rubbing your eyes, in extremely rare cases pigment migration may occur. Remember: You are expected to lose approximately 30% of the colour/intensity once fully healed.

It also isn’t uncommon for your eyes to appear irritated straight after, if you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your eyes (not the eyeliner itself) 6-12 hours after the procedure please contact your artist.

Note: YES you are able to drive home after the procedure

Aftercare application:
Day 1-2: Dark and Bold

  • With a cotton bud, sparingly apply the suggested aftercare cream 3-4 times daily (ie. 8am, 2Ppm & 8pm)
  • For the first few hours post procedure we ask you to keep your head elevated to allow your lymphatic system to drain fluid away, you may also like to do cold compresses (wet makeup pads placed in fridge)
  • If you wake up the morning after the procedure and find your eyes are sticking together, just lightly slosh/rinse with warm water.
  • Do not apply make up to the procedural area for at least 48 hours, ideally 7 days.
  • If you absolutely cannot go without mascara, please use a brand new one.
  • Avoid: sun, sweat, steam and swimming for 48 hours, ideally 7 days.

Day 3-6: Dry and Flaky

  • With a cotton bud, sparingly apply the suggested aftercare cream 2-3 times daily (ie. 8am & 8pm)
  • The procedural area will begin to flake (similar to sunburn) off between your lashes.
  • Please do not pick, scratch or itch the treatment area.

Day 7-28: Normal
Around day 7 your eyes/skin will look visibly healed, however please wait until day 28 for the final result to be revealed.

Second session:
At the second session (6-8 weeks after your first session) we make any necessary adjustments to your eyeliner ie. darkening the colour and adding depth. This session must be completed within 3 months from your initial session, unless prior arrangement has been made.The same aftercare application applies as above, however, the procedure won’t appear quite as swollen and bold as the initial session.

Colour boosting/refresh:

  • This is dependent on the technique used and also the client’s own skin and long term care.
    • Designer eyeliner (wetline or pixelation) is recommended a colour boost between 12 – 24 months
    • For all other eyeliner techniques is recommended a colour boost between 18 – 36 months
  • Reasons why your permanent make up may need colour boosting more often: use of retinol/vitamin A, oily skin, thyroid condition, exercise frequently, swim in chlorinated pools regularly and do not use sunscreen/sunglasses. Also if you have selected a colour other than black (ie. charcoal, brown, blue etc) this will fade quicker than black does.