Before and Aftercare for Lips

To ensure you achieve the best possible results from your permanent make up treatment, we recommend the following:

Before your appointment

  • You must inform us if you have ever experienced a cole sore(s) before booking as we have further advice for you to read. Furthermore we cannot tattoo you if you have a current cold sore
  • Botox/fillers in and around the lips should be completed 2 weeks prior but preferably 2 weeks AFTER
  • Discontinue taking omega oils (fish oil, evening primrose etc) 10 days prior
  • It is recommended lightly exfoliate your lips 48 hours before and hydrate (with water)!
  • Avoid: exercising, alcohol, caffeine and anti inflammatories within 24 hours of your procedure
  • Come to your consultation with an idea of a lip colour you desire (lip pencils or lip sticks are a good start)

After you appointment
Your newly applied lip colour will look temporarily like lipstick; bright, bold and defined (a lip blend can look solid rather than blended too). Your skin around the lips will also be swollen, blanched and blotchy due to the anesthetic and trauma. It is not uncommon to experience slight bruising. This is very normal and will generally subside within 48-72 hours. Remember: You are expected to lose up to 60% of the colour/intensity once fully healed.

Aftercare application:
Day 1-2: Dark and Bold

  • With a cotton bud, moderately apply the suggested aftercare cream every hour or as necessary
  • For the first few hours post procedure you may also like to do cold compresses (wet makeup pads placed in fridge)
  • Fever blisters are an uncommon side effect, usually from full lip tattooing on mature lips (do not pop)
  • Do not apply make up to the procedural area for at least 48 hours, ideally 7 days.
  • Avoid: Sun, sweat, steam, and swimming for 48 hours, ideally 7 days.
  • Avoid:Kissing, eating spicy foods, drinking hot drinks or applying ice directly to your lips.

Day 3-6: Dry and Flaky

  • With a cotton bud, moderately apply the suggested aftercare cream 3-4 times daily (ie. 8am, 2pm & 8pm)
  • The procedural area will begin to flake, similar to sunburn, it is normal for this flaking to come off unevenly.
  • Please do not pick, scratch or itch the treatment area.

Day 7-14: Slightly dry
Your lips may still feel dry, switch to using regular lip balm, to add moisture to the lips.

Day 15-36: Normal
At day 15 your lips/skin will look visibly healed but perhaps subdued in colour, please wait until day 36 for the final result to be revealed.

Second session:
At the second session (6-8 weeks after the first session) we make any necessary adjustments to your brows ie. darkening the colour and filling in missing patches. This session must be completed within 3 months from your initial session, unless prior arrangement has been made. The same aftercare application applies as above, however, the procedure won’t initially appear as dark and bold as the initial session.

Colour boosting / refresh:

  • This is dependent on the technique used and also the client’s own skin and long term care.
    • Full lip staining/tinting requires less pigment implantation, colour boost at 12-18 months.
    • To achieve a lipstick look requires more pigment implantation, colour boost at 18-36 months.
  • Reasons why your permanent make up may need colour boosting more often: oily skin, thyroid condition, exercise frequently, swim in chlorinated pools regularly and do not use sunscreen. Also the more natural the lip pigment colour selected the quicker it will fade.