Become a Licensee

Wake Up With Make Up (WUWMU) is a well established brand in the permanent makeup (PMU) and skin care sector. With over 20 years experience by our internationally recognised trainer, we are one of New Zealand’s leading PMU training schools, who have nurtured numerous talented artists .

We focus all of our energy into both strengthening and growing our brand which ensures the best interests of our licensees/artists and our valued customers always remains a priority.

Does this sound like you?

  • Have an interest in being self employed while being supported by an established brand
  • Creative/artististic with an eye for detail
  • Passionate and motivated
  • Great people skills
  • Want to join a like-minded, down to earth family
  • Want job satisfaction
  • Interested in all aspects of permanent makeup and skin care
  • Have completed your Diploma in Beauty Therapy (Level 5)*

*For an exceptional applicant we may take into consideration if you hold a Certificate in Beauty Therapy (Level 4) or have a Bachelor Of Nursing with a passion for makeup.

What are the benefits of becoming a WUWMU licensee?

  • The complexities of establishing a business is all done for you, with training material, marketing activities and how to successfully manage a small business included in the training
  • Be able to perform fundamental permanent makeup procedures ie. ombre brows, nano hair strokes brows, upper and lower lash line eyeliner and lip blend (WUWMU trained)
  • Be able to perform advanced permanent makeup procedures ie. combination eyebrows, full lip colour and designer eyeliner (WUWMU trained)
  • Freedom to adapt your skills taught by WUWMU to add your own artistic flare
  • Freedom to train with other permanent cosmetic trainers
  • No age restriction (we have people changing their careers to permanent make up at 40+)
  • Use of WUWMU brand
  • Access to Swiss Color® and Derma SR® products which are leading edge and some of the most innovative to be found on the market.
  • Marketing materials such as business cards, gift cards, pricing booklet, website
  • Client referrals in your area (including any current clients in our database)
  • Wake Up With Make Up email account ie. firstname@wakeupwithmakeup.co.nz
  • Ongoing support among our artists
  • Our digital booking and follow-up system will be mimicked onto your own system
  • Administration and accounting guidance
  • Social media for WUWMU brand as a whole is provided
  • Wake Up With Make Up framed certification

WUWMU only works with suppliers who provide the highest quality products. This aligns with WUWMU being the exclusive New Zealand partner of international brand Swiss Color® ( www.swiss-color.com, www.swiss-color.co.nz), having maintained an ongoing 5 year relationship. Swiss Color helps to elevate our position in the market, with the use of iron oxide-free pigments, top of the range devices, hygiene modules, skincare and accessories.

Evaluating the licensee opportunity:
There is a modest initial outlay for the licensee fee plus the fundamental training fee package (training and equipment). Then a manageable ongoing monthly commission and marketing fee. The potential for an ongoing and profitable revenue stream is well within reach for the right person. This is an investment in yourself and at the end of the day you will be as successful as the time and energy you put into it, with us by your side every step of the way.

It is important that you are skilled and have a high attention to detail. For some the skills and talent come naturally, while for others it takes a little more practise and nurturing, but rest assured, you will be supported throughout your entire ‘WUWMU’ journey. Just as important, our passions should align so that we work as a cohesive team. We want you to be proud to represent our brand and enjoy making people feel fabulous!

We currently have WUWMU license holders in: Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown

Still interested? Here are next steps:

  1. Read through and complete the application here.
  2. After your application is submitted all documentation will be provided comprised of: training lesson plan, training curriculum, training application, licensee contract, and quotation (personalised depending on training needs)
  3. Once your application is accepted; a face-to-face meet will be set up with Michelle O’Byrne (Director)
  4. Signing of contracts (training & license)
  5. Organise the fundamental and/or advanced training dates (if required)
  6. Organise dates for a paid apprenticeship (between 0-8 weeks depending on the individual) at an existing WUWMU branch (under the guidance of an advanced or master artist – location TBC, dates preferred to be immediately following the completion of Module 3 fundamental training)