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The process was very professional and the outcome was amazing. My new eyebrows have changed my life I have a new confidence and everyday when I wake up my brows look amazing.


It’s been about 6 weeks since my follow up appointment and I have never been so pleased with my eyebrows. I keep getting compliments even from make up artists at the counters! Your studio is beautiful.


Michelle did my brows and eyes so perfectly, I’m so glad I went to her. I can’t say a bad word about this awesome lady. I’ll be going back to get my lips done when I can. she’s five star to me.


Whether you want to enhance your facial features, recapture the youthful look of your face, or simply save time applying makeup in the morning.

Our Work

Each service & procedure is customised to the clients individuals needs

It’s definitely a process we have to trust.. but patience pays off.

1️⃣ First session lays all of the ground work in terms of shape and base colour. Sometimes pigment retention can be as little as 40% but as great as 80% ** depending on the procedure and how your skin heals.

2️⃣ Second session is all about the fine tuning and reinforcing colour for long lasting results. This is where we achieve great pigment retention 💁🏼‍♀️ **Every artist is different but this applies to the @swisscolor.nz pigments and how we implant them and of course how you heal.
I guess you could say eyeliner is our sweet spot... 🍭❌ If there would be one procedure that suits absolutely everyone, it would be an upper lash enhancement (as long as your medical history allowed it 😉). The plus side with eyeliner is that there isn’t the drastic ‘too dark’ phase, we always want eyeliner to stay nice and dark 💣

Artist: Michelle
Location: Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch
When @karlmohringhair requests bold, dark brows that’s what he gets 🙋🏼‍♂️🥰 This is a ‘made up’ look, healed after two sessions for this gorgeous hairdresser from Morrinsville.

He also does an amazing job on Michelle’s hair every month, SWIPE to see 👈🏼
Healed combination brows after ONE session ❤️❤️the other brow held a little bit light than this side, so we still had a little bit of work to do 😎 
Usually I find the brows don’t retain THIS much pigment after one session so I was pretty happy 🤗
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Two of Michelle’s full lip procedures last week 👄👄 This is one of our favourite procedures to correct asymmetry, hide small scars and give lasting colour (1-3 years). Lips have one of the biggest levels of fade after a procedure, up to 60% 👇🏽 #lipcolour #liptattoo #freshtattoo #lipink #swisscolor
I read this on a Facebook meme and for the first time in a while I had a LOL moment 🤪😂 had to steal because it was quite relevant to our industry (not to panic future clients because we do use anaesthetic😋).
Trying to brush off the social media cobwebs and get back to posting 🕸🤪 Here is a HEALED upper eyeliner, one of our favourite and also most popular procedures! 👁 
SWIPE to see the process 🙉

1. Before
2. Straight after - slight swelling and a tiny bruise
3. Healed 7 weeks later

Services available in Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch and Queenstown 🤗

We require one model for a lash enhancement procedure for Monday the 14th of Jan at 10am please email 📧 hello@wakeupwithmakeup.co.nz ❤️


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We are committed to helping you look and feel your best throughout the day, from the very moment you wake up. Michelle is the principal therapist with over sixteen years of experience, having trained as a permanent cosmetics technician, and is now regarded as a leader in the field here in New Zealand.

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