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The process was very professional and the outcome was amazing. My new eyebrows have changed my life I have a new confidence and everyday when I wake up my brows look amazing.


It’s been about 6 weeks since my follow up appointment and I have never been so pleased with my eyebrows. I keep getting compliments even from make up artists at the counters! Your studio is beautiful.


Michelle did my brows and eyes so perfectly, I’m so glad I went to her. I can’t say a bad word about this awesome lady. I’ll be going back to get my lips done when I can. she’s five star to me.


Whether you want to enhance your facial features, recapture the youthful look of your face, or simply save time applying makeup in the morning.

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Each service & procedure is customised to the clients individuals needs

Kirsty and her bridesmaids 👭 featuring tattooed brows on all of them 😂 a little pencil too with a fuller face of make up.
Service: Ombré brows

Our apprentice @wakeupwithmakeup_sarah is absolutely killing it! We would love to see her do some more eyeliners and lips so get booking online, $150 per session for brows, eyeliner and lips!

Ps. The white around the clients brows is just from her response to anesthetic 😆 will go down within the hour.
Service: Upper lash enhancement - healed 
Second picture shows eyeliner straight after the second session, where the client requested thicker which this thickness is now classified as a visible eyeliner.

Prices start from $300 including two sessions with our apprentice who is with us until the end of March 😎
Service: Full Lip Tint

This will settle to a soft lip tint/wash of colour on her lips for a everyday natural look.

Healing time is one week approximately, colour takes 36 days to settle into lips.
Just Kirsty and her hubby 🥰
Service: Powder brows cover up (healed) & upper lashline (first session)

One of my favourite and most frequented clients 😂
Exciting news 🎉 
This gorgeous girl @sarahkimcosmetictattoo is joining us in Auckland and Hamilton for the next two months and is offering all procedures until further notice for $150 per session (two sessions required). Brows, eyeliner or lips 👄. Sarah has completed her fundamental training in 2019 and we are fine tuning her skills and taking her natural talent to the next level . 💣We are expecting big things. 😏Her books 📖 are already open to book online to ‘BOOK NOW’ otherwise email hello@wakeupwithmakeup.co.nz for any help.
Last call for OMBRÉ eyebrow models.

Ombré can be soft and misty or more opaque by building layers, this eyebrow above is HEALED.

If you too want eyebrows like this, our discounted available  appointments are:

Thursday 30th Jan
9.15 Demo model with Michelle
3pm Student model 
For more info please visit:




Become a demonstration model and save on your next treatment.
Treatments from just $150!


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We are committed to helping you look and feel your best throughout the day, from the very moment you wake up. Michelle is the principal therapist with over sixteen years of experience, having trained as a permanent cosmetics technician, and is now regarded as a leader in the field here in New Zealand.

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