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The process was very professional and the outcome was amazing. My new eyebrows have changed my life I have a new confidence and everyday when I wake up my brows look amazing.


It’s been about 6 weeks since my follow up appointment and I have never been so pleased with my eyebrows. I keep getting compliments even from make up artists at the counters! Your studio is beautiful.


Michelle did my brows and eyes so perfectly, I’m so glad I went to her. I can’t say a bad word about this awesome lady. I’ll be going back to get my lips done when I can. she’s five star to me.


Whether you want to enhance your facial features, recapture the youthful look of your face, or simply save time applying makeup in the morning.

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Each service & procedure is customised to the clients individuals needs

New service: • HAIR VITALISATION •

We are so pumped to be announcing this, as many of you may know but we are the @swisscolor_international exclusive distributors for New Zealand (@Swiss color.nz) they are an incredibly innovative company, always improving and developing!

As you can see when you SWIPE @mandi_barnard results speak for themselves, she has us completely obsessed!! If you have any hair thinning or hair loss related issues (on the scalp for now, we are waiting on results for other facial areas such as eyebrows and patchy beards) and are interested in more information, then please email enquiries@wakeupwithmakeup.co.nz

We are working out our pricing for this treatment at the moment so it is not on the website yet 😊 it will be available in AKL and HAM in the next couple of weeks and CHCH and QT in the next month or two 🤞🏼
MACHINE PMU 🤩 hairstrokes with a dusting of shading. 
Skin type was very thin however not sensitive, which allowed me to continue with strokes. If her skin was thin AND sensitive I would of insisted on shading (ombré or powder brow). Enquire about your options today 🦄

PS. It was a long day so forgot to tidy her brow hairs up in the ‘after’ photo 😑
Fresh upper lash enhancement 👀✍🏼 A lash enhancement is not a set thickness for each client because each individual has varying amounts of ‘full’ rows of lashes, in this particular clients case I would normally go at least one row of lashes thicker however a very subtle effect was wanted. 
Less is more. We can always thicken at the second session once the client is accustomed to seeing her new look (everyone usually wants more) 🥰
Service: Lip blend cosmetic tattoo 📷 Before and straight after first session lip blend (one with and one without aftercare cream on top). Will heal to a soft result, to ultimately define her lip borders.

Using @swisscolor.nz IL Rose Kiss mixed with Bordeaux 🌹 
Take advantage of discounted lip procedures with Kirsty until 31st of August ($250 off lip blend first session and $300 off full lip first session). Second session still needed.
Celebratory fresh strokes for this absolutely lovely lady ✍🏼 love learning my clients stories 📒 I wanted to give her ombré brow method however she wanted to start with strokes and her skin allowed us to do so as well 😊 so for now strokes it is.
Upper designer eyeliner 🖤⚔️💣
As some of you may know at Wake Up With Make Up we are both artists and educators 👩🏼‍🏫 when we are training students in new techniques we require both demonstration models and student models. 
What is a demo model? At the beginning of each practical day we start with a demonstration, where the student just watches  the procedure from start to finish which aids in the learning process. We discount this procedure slightly to say thank you for participating.

What is a student model? The student is usually at the beginner stages, where they perform the procedure on the models but we are observing and offering guidance as needed. This cost is only $150 including two sessions with the student. 
Swipe across to see two different HEALED lash enhancements from two different students. 
We need one more upper eyeliner student models for next week and a handful of demo models for microstroking, upper eyeliner and lip blending. 
Please email hello@wakeupwithmakeup.co.nz for some more information or visit our website under ‘training’.
Take the opportunity to receive $100-$150 discount off permanent make up procedures with Michelle and Kirsty as demonstration models for training in Auckland 💁🏼‍♀️ Ombré 9th of July 9.30am
Microstroking 10th of July 9.30am
Upper eyeliner natural (possibility to have lower) 11th of July 9.30am
Lip blend 12th of July 9.30am 💋💋💋 Email kirsty@wakeupwithmakeup.co.nz or private message us 😊


Become a demonstration model and save on your next treatment.
Treatments from just $150!


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We are committed to helping you look and feel your best throughout the day, from the very moment you wake up. Michelle is the principal therapist with over sixteen years of experience, having trained as a permanent cosmetics technician, and is now regarded as a leader in the field here in New Zealand.

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