Permanent Brows

Tired of drawing on your brows?

Eyebrows provide a framework for the face. Having well-placed permanent brows will enhance the shape and balance of your face. The correct shape, position and colour will literally take years off your face.

There are different tattoo eyebrow treatments available. You can choose from hair strokes, microblading, a combination, ombre or a powder brow.

Permanent brows procedures are ideal for:

  • People with light, uneven or nonexistent eyebrows.
  • Anyone who currently uses eyebrow pencil or powder.
  • Anyone who has lost eyebrows due to aging, alopecia, accidents or chemotherapy.
  • If you suffer from allergies to conventional cosmetics.
Permanent tattooing eyebrows Invercargill

The Process

We start your treatment with a consultation to find out your individual needs (a consultation is included in the price of the procedure, or if you are only booking a consultation then this is $60 and later deductible).

You’ll be able to discuss with your therapist the many designs, colours and shapes available, plus your underlying skin tone and we will advise on the best technique to achieve your desired look. Choose from hair strokes, microblading, a combination, ombre or a powder brow.

All eyebrow procedures are not considered finished until your second session (perfecting procedure) is complete.

Before booking an appointment please visit our FAQ page and read our before and aftercare guidelines

Permanent Brows Price List

Elite Artist

Miranda Hill

Advanced Artist

Sarah Kim
Charmaine Rutherford

For more info on treatments please visit our FAQ page

Nano Hairstrokes (Machine)

The digital machine method works well on most skin types and results last longer than microblading. Using fine strokes to supplement the existing eyebrow hair, the strokes will be ever so slightly thicker (we are talking 0.2mm) than microblading but there will be a crisper pigment retention.

We are creating a very realistic stroke pattern that is customised to each individual. The Digital Machine can benefit anyone who is experiencing hair loss or a lack of hair growth in the brows due to alopecia or cancer. We prefer this technique over microblading because there is less trauma/damage to the skin, better pigment retention for oily skins, the tattooed strokes will blend better on clients with coarse hair and it lasts longer.

This technique will create a life like brow, transforming the shape, position and colour of your brows.

Nano Hairstrokes 1st Session (Elite)2 HRS 15 MIN$700
Nano Hairstrokes 1st Session (Advanced)2 HRS 30 MIN$550
Nano Hairstrokes 2nd Session1 HR$150
Nano Hairstrokes Colour Boost 12-18 months1 HR 15 MIN$350
Nano Hairstrokes Colour Boost 18- 24 months1 HR 15 MIN$450

Microstroking (Manual)*

Also known as Microblading or Feathering. We like to use this manual tool to create natural brows.

Using ultra-fine hair strokes to supplement the existing eyebrow hair you have or had. This technique will create a life like brow, transforming the shape, position and colour of your brows.

Please note there is more damage to your skin with this method compared to machine methods. It may look amazing for the first few years but over time with any hair stroke procedure the strokes can merge together, at this time we convert your brows to an ombre brow.

Microstroking 1st Session (Elite)2 HRS 15 MIN$700
Microstroking 2nd Session1 HR$150
Microstroking Colour Boost 10-18 months1 HR 15 MIN$350
Microstroking Colour Boost 18-24 months1 HR 45 MIN$450


This is our preferred method of cosmetic tattooing of the brows. Using a specialist digital tattoo machine, we can create the perfect soft powdered ombre brow using a combination of dot work and shading unlike traditional machine eyebrow work. Although the initial reaction will be the colour is relatively bold the final result in contrast will be soft, powdery and natural.

The aim of this method is to replace the need for any penciling, it is possibly more suited to clients with naturally full brows, ideal for faded correctional work, to totally reshape the clients brow or improve symmetry, but ultimately for those who like a more complete fuller eyebrow giving background colour. If you have oily skin and large pores then this procedure will give you better pigment retention than the hairstroke technique (possible for strokes to heal powdery rather than crisp).

If you are wanting a very strong, defined, heavy pencil like brow then please see powder brow procedure.

Ombré 1st Session (Elite)2HRS 15MIN$700
Ombré 1st Session (Advanced)2HRS 30MIN$550
Ombré 2nd Session1HR 15MIN$150
Ombré Colour Boost 12-18 months1HR 15MIN$300
Ombré Colour Boost 18- 24 months1HR 30MINS$450

Combination Brow

This procedure is the best of both worlds when you can combine natural hair strokes (with microblading or machine depending) at the start of the brow to keep it looking soft then slowly blended into shading at the arch and tail of the brow for a more defined, polished look.

Usually clients have less hair on the tails of the brow and this is the area that needs the most attention in terms of tattooing which is why shading is ideal to achieve that definition. We love this procedure.

Combo Brow 1st Session (Elite)2 HRS 30 MINS$750
Combo Brow 1st Session (Advanced)2 HRS 30 MINS$600
Combo Brow 2nd Session1 HR 15 MIN$150
Combo Brow Colour Boost 12-18 months1 HR 30 MIN$350
Combo Brow Colour Boost 18-24 months1 HR 45 MINS$500

Powder Blend

Powder colour is popular among those looking to achieve shape and definition, giving a similar finish to that of brow pencils or powders. This technique is great for achieving slightly sharper, bold brows. This is technique is more noticeable that you have had something done to yourself, but how natural it looks depends on how heavy your daily make up is and how much natural eyebrow hair you have.

Powder Brow 1st Session (Elite)2 HRS 30 MINS$650
Powder Brow 1st Session (Advanced)2 HRS 30 MINS$600
Powder Brow 2nd Session1 HR$150
Powder Brow Colour Boost 12-18 months (Master)1 HR 15 MIN$350
Powder Brow Colour Boost 18-24 months (Master)1 HR 30 MINS$450
Powder Brow Colour Boost 24 – 30 months (Master)2 HRS$550