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The process was very professional and the outcome was amazing. My new eyebrows have changed my life I have a new confidence and everyday when I wake up my brows look amazing.


It’s been about 6 weeks since my follow up appointment and I have never been so pleased with my eyebrows. I keep getting compliments even from make up artists at the counters! Your studio is beautiful.


Michelle did my brows and eyes so perfectly, I’m so glad I went to her. I can’t say a bad word about this awesome lady. I’ll be going back to get my lips done when I can. she’s five star to me.


Whether you want to enhance your facial features, recapture the youthful look of your face, or simply save time applying makeup in the morning.

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Each service & procedure is customised to the clients individuals needs

@eveclarke.nz also seen on @survivor_nz has been a client of Wake Up With Make Up for 3 years now. 🤗

She initially started off her procedures for brows and lip blend as a model in training with one of our students, after having her brows done before this overseas. Since then her Colour Boost procedures have been carried out by Michelle or Kirsty.
👯‍♀️ As she has had several brow procedures done in the past I thought it was best to convert her brows to a combination procedure this visit, while keeping her lip blend the same colour as previously but just topping it up. 🎨

Cosmetic tattooing procedures are a process, from looking too dark and intense fresh off the needle, to the epidermis layer of the skin flaking and the pigment settling in the dermis layer of the skin. While a client can look visibly healed to another person after 1-2 weeks, it can actually take brow pigments 28 days to fully settle, while lip pigments take even longer - 36 days. 🖋🔍 Eve is such a lovely lady, who is a delight whenever we see her, we are so proud of how far she made it through survivor keeping true to herself. 💙
The reason why ombré is one of our favourite procedures!!! ⬆️ @nelson_microblading

Service: Ombre Powder (machine method)

Procedure: Pigment is built up over several passes to achieve this result, I like to add an extra layer on the tail and lower half of the brow to ensure more pigment is concentrated here upon healing, while keeping the head of the brow soft. This look is the new microblading in my opinion, heals super soft and supplements natural hair. 
Details: Pigment used was Swiss Color IB Medium Brown with a drop of IB Dark Brown, needle 1 micro - Classic hand piece 🎨

Price: $850 which includes two visits 6-8 weeks apart

#ombrebrow #powderbrow #machinemethod #cosmetictattooing #aucklandeyebrows
Absolutely loved doing this transformation for a friend of a friend 😵😍 Service: Ombre brows with slightly more coverage for this natural beauty with bushy brows 🌳

The biggest impact was the shape change, as you can swipe 👉🏼 to see the before image where the brows are unstructured with thicker shaping in the mid section rather than at the head. We streamlined the shape and selected a natural colour that will fade by 30-50% which we may need to darken on the second visit. 💰We need a demonstration model for this procedure on the 9th of August at 9.30am, save $150 off full price. 
Please contact michelle@wakeupwithmakeup.co.nz to make enquiries.
Cover up (10 year old pigment from powder brow, overseas work) 🐴 
Service: Reshaping and designing using MACHINE HAIRSTROKES plus light machine shading 🦄

We do a lot of correctional work, which is advanced work because once pigment is in the skin it is a process to remove it or cover it up. The removal process can be tedious and you have to be patient, on the other hand cover up work may take 3 sessions instead of the usual 2 sessions to complete the procedure. With cover ups, it will never be the same as working on virgin skin, the pre existing tattoo now is a guide for our shape plus the fact we have to colour correct. Our aim is to improve the pre existing work to a result you will be happy walking around with, the lighter the colour of the ore existing work the easier it is to do this. The reason why some companies do not perform correctional procedures is because it is not 100% truly our original work if we work over top which is totally understandable. Your face is our brand at the end of the day. 💁🏽‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️ Contact: enquiries@wakeupwithmakeup.co.nz
Head over heels in love || Service: Microstroking || before and after for this Arabian beauty, we may of had to use google translator to communicate but a hug and a smile when you show her at the end needs no words ☺️☺️ #microblading #microstroking #hairstrokes #cosmetictattoonz #cosmetictattoo #permanentmakeup #pmu #wowbrow #3dbrows #nzbeauty #arabicmakeup #beforeandaftermicroblading #naturaleyebrows #eyebrows #eyebrowtattooauckland #eyebrowtattoo #wakeupandmakeup #wakeupwithmakeup
Service: Ombre || Fast becoming our new favourite technique, with soft edges at the fronts but enough pigment deposited to get a lasting result, we don’t want the ‘after’ results to look too sheer otherwise the pigment will be barely there when it heals. 🔜 watch this space to see the results soften and we do the touch up in 6 weeks time 🤩 #ombrebrows #swisscolor #cosmetictattoonz
How beautiful is my client @designerhirenz 😘😘 fresh out of the water with her brows still in check
Service: Combination brow, strokes in the front and shading in the back 🤗

Perfect to create a more defined tail of the brow where it lacks density of hair. 🤩


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